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Anfänger: Diagonal body roll - Hula Hoop Trick
Seit: 12th August 2016
Gepostet von: HeikeHoops
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Endlich auch wieder mal ein Hula Hoop Trick für Anfänger, oder fast Anfänger ;-)! Thank you Jane Fondle

Tags: diagonal body roll Jane Fondle Anfänger
Intermediate Hooping Tutorial: Duck in and Out Twist!
Seit: 3rd August 2016
Gepostet von: tessaihoops
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Hi there, hoopers! Today I have an oh-so exciting intermediate move for you. As far as I know, it has no name. Feel free to correct me, or suggest a name! Have fun with this one, but keep that neck safe!

Tags: hooping duck in duck out intermediate easy hard spin off body