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Nick Guzzardo aus USA - auch in Hamburg am 17.11.13!

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Seit: 18th October 2011
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Wer sich den dreistündigen Workshop nicht entgehen lassen will (Nick soll derzeit der beste männliche Hooper auf der ganzen Welt sein!), der melde sich schnellstmöglich bei mir oder Nick:

Weitere Termine: 14.11.13 Berlin, 16.11.13 Hannover, 23.11.13 Darmstadt und ev. 24.11.13 Köln!

Details über Nick und Workshopinhalt:
Nick Guzzardo is affectionately called, "The Prodigy," because of his almost mythic rise in the Hoop Community from beginner to one of the best in the world in little over a year's time. Nick has been touring, teaching and performing at hoop events, festivals and retreats around the country for the past three years and is a contributing administrator for Colorado's own prop gathering, The Spin Summit. He became hooping.orgs 2011 Newbie hooper within his first year, and is currently a 2013 Male Hooper of the year. Nicks dynamic athleticism, rhythmic dance and innovative development of "Head Hooping" make him a unique and inspiring educator in the performing arts and hooping community.

Schedule of the day:
14:00-15:30 Body Wraps & Contact technique 1.5 hrs
This workshop will focus on hoop body wrap moves like escalators and arm wraps from both a grip and contact point perspective, as well as introducing contact technique exercises developed to make body wrapping accessible from anywhere in flow. We will explore an off body technique called hook and float, wrist rolls, tosses, and contact breaks as well as grip and contact point body wrap variations and transitions.
Beginner/Intermediate level class
Lightweight off body hoop

15:30-16:00 Break! Bring something to eat and drink we will have a break together!

15:30-17:00 Hoop/body Rhythm 1.5 hrs
In hoop body rhythm we will explore the motions of the body, focusing on concepts of musical receptivity, contrast, punctuation and energy to enhance our awareness of full body movement. Introducing footwork techniques like steps, slides and sweeps to attach our concepts to, we will open to new creative expressions in dance. We'll explore hoop/body interaction techniques such as tracing, counterweight, levels of space, hoop ground contact and head hooping to further enhance our mind/body connection to the hoop and our dance.
All levels class

Costs: 22 Euros for one Workshop, 30 Euros for both
How to registrate? Send an email to nicguzz@gmail.com and pay the fee per Paypal by using this email adress. Please note, which workshop you want to attend!

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